Celtic being in the Premier League would be ‘amazing’, says Rodgers

Celtic being in the Premier League would be ‘amazing’, says Rodgers

Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers says his side being in the Premier League would be ‘amazing’, but says he does not believe it would ever happen.

In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports‘ Soccer AM presenter Tubes, Rodgers admitted that having Celtic in the Premier League would be electrifying – with the Hoops being one of the biggest teams in Britain.

Celtic have won six out of the last six SPL titles, and went last season unbeaten in the league. Many have called for the Glasgow based side to be placed in English football’s first division in order to compete more. But the process of doing so would be too much says Rodgers.

“Celtic in the Premier League would be an amazing story,” he said. “It would be an amazing experience for everyone, not just for Celtic but for other teams.”

“I just don’t think it would ever happen. There are so many barriers to go over. Celtic are one of the great iconic clubs in the world.”

“If they were in the Premier League, what that would generate… we played, for example, Ross County at the weekend, we got 58,000-odd thousand.”

“Around 60,000 every home game. You could take over virtually every away stadium when you go away, the travelling support will bring 10 or 12,000.”

“It’s the pure scale of the club, if you’re talking big clubs, history, supporters, all of that. What it doesn’t have is finance. It doesn’t have the money that the Premier League generates.”

“I think there are just so many processes it would have to go through,” the Hoops boss added. “I think there’s more of a chance of it being in a European league, than Celtic being in the pyramid system down south.”

“One thing I’d say with England is that every team will believe that they can be a top flight team – Brentfords, Huddersfields – lots of clubs in England have that vision, that ambition to do that.”

“So I think it would be very, very tough for a Celtic and a Rangers to be in there. It would be absolutely amazing, and then you would see the true, real size of a club like Celtic.”