Rodgers braced for Celtic transfer rumours

Rodgers braced for Celtic transfer rumours

Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers admits he is prepared for the various transfer rumours that will come his club’s way over the next couple of weeks.

English football teams made the decision to shorten the transfer window and have it close before the season starts, meaning they have until August 9 to sign players before the 18/19 campaign begins.

But with this change only affecting clubs in England, it means Celtic could potentially swoop in and sign any players that may not have had the opportunity to leave – with clubs still being allowed to sell and loan after the deadline.

It also means that if Celtic did lose anyone important players to an English side, they will have over 3 weeks to find a replacement.

Speaking about the change to the transfer window, Brendan Rodgers admitted he is braced for the inevitable rumours but says it’s a good move by the FA.

“It will probably affect us in some capacity,” he said.

“Until we actually experience it for the first time we won’t really know.

“It’ll just quicken up the selling or loaning of players because clubs only have until the first week in August now.

“But we’ll probably know better after we experience it.

“The Premier League clubs will have to make earlier decisions on players. But I can see the concept and it is right.”