“The Difference Is…” Lambert Hits Back At Sutton As He Doubles Down On Celtic Comments

“The Difference Is…” Lambert Hits Back At Sutton As He Doubles Down On Celtic Comments

Former Celtic midfielder Paul Lambert claims his desire to see the Hoops winning trophies as soon as possible is driving his fierce criticism of the club’s recent results.

Lambert was scathing of Celtic’s performance against Bayer Leverkusen last week, leading Chris Sutton to spring to the defence of manager Ange Postecoglou.

Sutton is adamant that Postecoglou should be given some leeway but Lambert says that his ex-teammate is underplaying how little time the Australian will get in the job if things aren’t going well:

“The difference is that Chris didn’t really experience any barren years there. I did. I was there for a couple of years when we weren’t winning trophies and it wasn’t pleasant. Chris can have his opinion but my opinion is if you want to be a Celtic player then you’ve got to win more games than not. I’ve been there when the club wasn’t winning enough and you’ve got to have really thick skin to play through that. You can’t hide under the radar.”

“You have to be prepared to stand up to be counted because the club is too big and you can’t allow losing games of football to become the norm. You have to perform every week. That’s the pressure that comes with the shirt and it’s the best pressure that any player can ask for.”

Lambert goes on to say that Postecoglou is the “right guy for the job” and he has been impressed by how well the 56-year-old has handled the situation despite having to rebuild the squad from the ground up. Even so, the expectations of the fanbase mean even a short length of time without winning trophies will be too much for some, meaning getting results in the short term remains crucial.